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Vacancies Headlines

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Rock-Zone UK Vacancies

David Wilson

Over the years since we started www.rock-zone.co.uk has seen some very rapid growth . Our team of hard-working dedicated ...

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Things of Interest


Mark Warburton

This is one my most anticipated album releases of the year so far, as Scandinavian Melodic Monsters, TREAT, probably my most favourite Scandi band of all time, release their new opus ‘TUNGUSKA’ to the masses. The bands previous release ‘Ghost of Graceland’ had its moments, but for me wasnt in the same ...

Europe and King King – O2 Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne 17th September 2018

David Wilson

When the “Walk the Earth” tour was announced at the tail end of 2017 I was beyond excited. Europe are one of the bands that I have loved for a long time but the releases since their reformation in the early part of the 21st Century have just seen this phenomenal band ...

Demon and Dendera – Trillians, Newcastle upon Tyne, 16th September 2018

David Wilson

If you’re anything like me (lord help you!), you will keep your beady eyes open for tour announcements on a weekly basis (ok, I’ll admit I am almost hourly since the advent of social media but you get my point). Watching closely for old favourites, new favourites and those bands for whom ...


Mark Warburton

Hank Erix , the frontman for Swedish AOR band HOUSTON. A band that I have championed from the very start, as I reviewed their debut way back in 2010 and witnessed their very first gig in the UK. For Me HOUSTON have delivered quality AOR / Melodic rock to the highest level over these past 8 ...

STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL – Ebbw Vale, Wales – Friday 27th July – Sunday 29th July LIVE REVIEW

Mark Warburton

Mark Warburton (review) Pippa Maunder-Warburton (photos) DAY 1. Well our first Steelhouse Festival for ROCK-ZONE UK proved to be a memorable one in many ways. Starting off with one of the worst road’s I’ve ever driven on (next time I’m coming in a land rover) to get up to the top of ...

The Radio Sun – Beautiful Strange

David Wilson

Every year of our lives certain things are inevitable – birthdays, Christmas, taxes – you know what I mean, don’t you? Well the last four years have seen something else added to that list for me and many others …. The Radio Sun will release a new album and they will appear ...

Barry Mills from Massive Wagons – SOS Festival 2018

David Wilson

As the weekend at SOS Festival continued, we were joined by Barry from the very mighty Massive Wagons to talk about the new album,, “Full Nelson”, the various ways to try to stand out from the crowd, song writing and playing the same venue that Adele played before she was “ginormous” and, ...

Gin Annie Interview – SOS Festival July 2018

David Wilson

This year’s SOS Festival was something very special. It is always an amazing event but this one was particularly great – an awesome mix of bands that catered for all tastes but, for me, it also gave me the opportunity to catch some bands who I’d not seen previously but that I’d ...

Thundercloud Release Single – “Game of Chance”

David Wilson

There are times in this world where the music industry pulls together to create something special ….. this is one of those times. We all know cancer is one hell of a nasty disease, but when it affects dear friends who are loved throughout the music industry and who at the mercy of ...

Ramblin’ Man Fair 2018 – Mote Park, Maidstone

Mark Warburton

Well our third Ramblin Man in a row and the first one of many for Rock Zone UK, at Mote Park in Maidstone, proved to be a brilliant weekend again helped in part by the beautiful weather. Ramblin Man Fair has secured itself on the Rock Festival must attend list, and they ...

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