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Jettblack – Club Alter Ego, Manchester 20th April 2013

David Wilson

Whatever next? A Saturday in the North West of England and something yellow and shiny was in the sky…I ...

Uli Jon Roth – The Railway Music Venue, 30th June 2012

David Wilson

We live in a time when the epithets “legendary” and “iconic” are chucked about like so much confetti at ...

Drew Stevyns Live 7/4/12


Photo Credit: Paven Sharma   Artist: Drew Stevyns Date: 7th April 2012 Venue: My Living Room! (Well… almost!) Last night ...

Bon Giovi – By Jove, They’re Incredible (The Railway Venue, Bolton 24th March 2012)

David Wilson

Before I go any further, can I apologise? At Rock-Zone UK we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest ...

X-UFO – The Railway Venue, 17th February 2012

David Wilson

When is a tribute act not a tribute act? No, it’s not some kind of joke – it’s a ...

Black Rain & The Black Stars – The Railway Venue, 17th February 2012

David Wilson

Continuing their trek around the UK on their Back in Black tour (do you see what they did there?), ...

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Things of Interest

Tygers of Pan Tang – The Diamond Sutton in Ashfield 22nd November 2017

David Wilson

The continued resurgence of the awesome Tygers of Pan Tang hit  The Diamond in Sutton in Ashfield, and Darren Thompson was there to capture the action in all it’s glory. Don’t forget the Tygers have been announced to appear at Hard Rock Hell 12 next November and if you haven’t already, check ...

Toby Jepson, Wayward Sons – Interview Newcastle 8th October 2017

David Wilson

The lovely Toby Jepson from Wayward Sons very kindly took some time to have a chat with Rock-Zone UK just prior to hitting the stage at the O2 Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne Don’t forget to buy “Ghosts of Yet to Come” it’s an absolute cracker and our review is here Wayward ...

Sister – HRH Sleaze, Sheffield 3rd September 2017

David Wilson

Interview with Sister by Justin Buckley

New Device – HRH Sleaze, Sheffield 3rd September 2017

David Wilson

Interview with New Device by Justin Buckley

Chasing Dragons – HRH Sleaze, Sheffield 3rd September 2017

David Wilson

Interview with Chasing Dragons by Justin Buckley

Dan Reed – The Cluny 2, Newcastle upon Tyne 16th September 2017

David Wilson

Over the last seven years, I have seen one man perform live more than any other. In fact, I often joke, with Dan that I see him more than my family – he always says “surely not” but, in all honesty, my comment has more than a hint of truth about it. ...

Wayward Sons – Ghosts of Yet to Come

David Wilson

You know that feeling when one of your favourite bands comes to end? Yeah that feeling of “What now?”, “Surely not?” and emotions for some of the more musically obsessed amongst us that feel like a kind of bereavement. Well I can still remember the day when Little Angels came to an end. ...

Grimm Up North – Bury’s Rock and Metal Town Centre Takeover! 30th September – 1st October

David Wilson

“Grimm Up North” (September 30th and October 1st 2017) is a benefit event which will be held in support of Diabetes UK and to help to raise funds for fellow musician (and also a Diabetic) Steve Grimmett. Steve fronts the band Grim Reaper and following the onset of an aggressive infection whilst touring in South America earlier ...

Martina Edoff – “We Will Align”

David Wilson

There are some who like to suggest rock in all it’s various pigeon holes is dead … or atthe very least on a life support system and the priest has been called in to administer the Last Rites. Those of us fortunate to have the opportunity to hear the stuff being produced ...

Twisted Illusion – Insight to the Mind of a Million Faces

David Wilson

Well who would have thought it? 48 ½ years on this planet and still finding new and exciting music that fills one soul with passion and excitement. Sure, I will always be a child of the 1980s when music was all about fun, big hair and stupidity, yet here I am filling ...

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