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Daylight Robbery – “Falling Back to Earth”

David Wilson

Regular readers will know that Rock-Zone UK (and I in particular) were big supporters of Daylight Robbery’s first album ...

Vega and Newman at The Railway Venue, Bolton – 6th November 2014

David Wilson

Now here’s a strange one! I normally ruminate on my gig visits prior to putting finger tip to keyboard ...

Spike – “100% Pure Frankie Miller”

David Wilson

As some of you will remember, earlier in the year I had the pleasure of interviewing Spike from the ...

Steel Panther and Mia Klose – Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 15th March 2014

David Wilson

What a difference a year makes … or then again, in some cases not so much. They say the ...

Pat McManus at The Railway Venue, Bolton – 24th March 2013

David Wilson

There comes a time in one’s life where a spot of re-evaluation needs to take place….the trouble is I ...

Estrella – Live at HRH AOR and Their Album “Come Out to Play”

David Wilson

During last summer I noticed that a band called Estrella were due to play my local venue of choice. ...

Leigh Matty Talks to Rock-Zone UK

David Wilson

Just before starting out on the recent Romeo’s Daughter UK tour, Leigh Matty took time to talk to us ...

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