Traditionally, Heavy Metal bands are led by, and dominated by, guitars. NOT In Legend, whose unique sound is pure Heavy Metal – full of power and melody, but completely devoid of guitars. The key component for In Legend is the piano, which is the leading instrument, augmented by pumping bass and thundering drums, all topped off with soaring, multi-layered, expressive vocals.

In Legend are the brainchild and musical vehicle of Bastian Emig, who hammers the ivories with an uncompromising feeling for hard and flowing melodies to an as yet unexplored extreme. In Legend is the essence of an artistic process that has been pulsating in Bastians heart and maturing in his soul for the last ten years.

Bastian was born in Germany but spent his early childhood in Burkina Faso, Africa, where he soaked up the local musical atmosphere and rhythmical feeling while learning percussion and drumming. Additionally, on his return to Germany he started to teach himself by ear how to play the piano and began composing songs at an early age, without being able to read a single note of music.

He developed into one of the finest drummers on the German rock scene, and toured with metal and rock bands all across Europe, before he spent 2006 and 2007 winning the hearts of Chinese rock fans as drummer in Narakam, one of Chinas biggest thrash metal outfits.

While trying to explain his own compositions to guitarists from his earlier bands, Bastian – who explains that I hear music but Ive never seen it – developed his own style on the piano, which comprises of smooth, carrying riffs in the left hand and flowing melodies in the right. He began pounding percussively on the piano, piece by piece forging the songs and sound that has now become known as Hand Hammered Piano Craft.

Recruiting bass player Daniel Wilke and drummer Dennis Otto, Bastian Emig formed In Legend to create the 14 rousing, sweeping, epic tracks on Ballads N Bullets, the bands debut album, released May 23rd simultaneously on SPVs Steamhammer and Oblivion labels. Co-produced by Charlie BauerFeind (Blind Guardian), Ballads N Bullets is a once in a lifetime audio adventure which combines the intensity, energy and passion found in his drumming, with soft, soaring melodies and Bastians unmistakable, wide ranging vocals.

In Legend are in no way trying to exclusively create a brand new type of sound, but theyare venturing into the previously uncharted waters of heavy music for the piano; in essence, Bastian states that Beaten paths are for beaten men.

Check out the video for Pandemonium:-

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