WARMRAIN to support The Pineapple Thief in London



New uk melodic progressive rock band Warmrain will be supporting The Pineapple Thief at the borderline on December 15th

TPT had this to say

The Pineapple Thief are very pleased to invite Warmrain to open their London show.

Warmrain, whose album Absent Friends is out mid October, have a quintessentially English feel, managing to sound of their time whilst remaining faithful to the traditions laid down before them by the great English rock bands of the past. Having achieved success at this years High Voltage festival, their infectious riffs and memorable melodies will be a great way to start off the show. Doors will open a little earlier now so make sure you get there on time. Dont miss Warmrain!

More about Warmrains debut release

Over the course of these four songs the band take you on a journey through the wide spectrum of their musical character, covering their classic rock sound, their mellower electro acoustic songs and one of their acoustic compositions.

The title track- Absent friends is a deeply moving documentation of the thoughts and feelings associated with the loss of a loved one. This song shows the bands sensitive and controlled approach to their music build into a powerful and hypnotic classic rock groove – this is genuinely a song you can fall in love with and want to hear over and over again

When the sub conscious mind releases the shackles of the conscious mind and allows the spirit to soar Flying dreams can occur. With this song the band create the feeling of open space and peaceful solitude, building into a soulful and uplifting finale.

After the opening two tracks have both shown the band taking their time to allow the music to build Good to belong is a beautiful song about contentment and gratitude which is all but two and a half minutes long- yet again showing another side to the multi faceted character of the band.

Run to the sun finishes proceedings off perfectly by winding things down with a mellow acoustic number about friendship.

This is music written from the heart and put together in a natural and intelligent way. If you like your music to have real substance and emotional content then you should buy yourself a copy of Absent friends by WARMRAIN- you will not be disappointed.


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