Lars Ulrich: Why I Turned Down Quentin Tarantino

Lars Ulrich: Why I Turned Down Quentin Tarantino

Lars Ulrich has admitted that his biggest creative mistake might have been turning down an offer from Quentin Tarantino.

Writing a column forNewsweek magazine, The Metallica drummer admits that he turned down the chance to do the soundtrack for the movieKill Bill: Vol 1.

Says Ulrich:

Quentin Tarantino wants to have dinner. OK, we can facilitate that A week later, were hanging out in a restaurant in San Francisco, swapping stories about the most turbulent flights weve ever been on, triggered by a particularly nasty flight hed just taken from China. Inbetween the mischief and half-truths, we get to the point of the visit, which concerns his next cinematic endeavour, titledKill Bill.

We were high on this idea (Ulrich providing the music) for the rest of the evening, and the elation continued for days. Finally, ta-da!! The Script. All 180 pages. Man, was it thick and dense. I threw myself headfirst into the shenanigans. Then something slowly started happening. Story, language, twists, turns, kung fu banter, and jargonas I got further and further into it, I became more and more puzzled.

Page by page, I realized that most of this was written in a language that was outside of my realm of understanding. I had never encountered a narrative like this, set in, to me, a very foreign culture of martial arts and Asian myths. I just couldnt wrap my thick Danish head around it. Over the next few weeks the whole thing fizzled out as I continued not trusting my instincts. In the end, I never got back to him.

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