The Wonder Years vocalist starts new clothing line

The Wonder Years frontman Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell has revealed that he is starting a new clothing line to raise money for charity.

The line – entitled Shallow Water – aims to raise awareness of a different charity each month.

“These are not poorly developed Photoshop files sloppily screen-printed onto American Apparel tri-blends and forced on you by weird dudes that follow the Warped Tour,” says Soupy in an online post. “Each month, we’ll be launching a new shirt designed by a new artist for a new charity. For each shirt, I’ll be prompting a pool of artists with a particular cause in order to find the artist with the strongest connection to the cause and a design that captures that connection.”

“I think it’s a cool concept and I wanna go for it,” he states.

Shallow Water launches on November 1. For more information

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