Verses/Dear Superstar/Puddle Of Mudd/Soil

Verses/Dear Superstar/Puddle Of Mudd/Soil

Middlesborough Empire 19th October 2011 /Manchester Moho Live 23rd October 2011

To say I was looking forward to this gig would be an extreme understatement. Having loved Puddle Of Mudd for the past ELEVEN years and unable to attend their Download appearance earlier this summer I was determined I wasnt going to miss this tour no matter what! (and I managed two gigs so I’m one happy mother fker!)

Middlesbrough wasnt the best venue Ive been to, the stage at the Empire is God awful with an ornate railing down either side; not good for photographers and I really think it should be taken down! Last time we were there they allowed us onto the balcony which was perfect.. this time we weren’t so lucky. BUT my partner in crime still managed to get some awesome shots (Thanks Kim!) after she clambered into the pit in front of the stage!

The band launched into a barrage of hits including Control and Away From Me, and the crowd lapped it up. Loads of people were there just to see Puddle Of Mudd and the guys didnt disappoint! Front man, Wes Scantlin, is always interacting with the crowd, getting people to sing or smacking hands with everyone constantly drawing the audience into being a part of the show and everyone seemed to enjoy it! They also included two songs from their recent CD Re:(Disc)Overed (Available NOW at and the UK Version comes with two bonis tracks!!) Stones cover ‘Gimme Shelter’ and the ACDC classic ‘T.N.T.’ Would have LOVED to have heard their version of ‘Rocket Man’ but alas it was not to be!

The encore however came way too soon and as the opening chords of Blurry were greeted with a thunderous ovation I knew it was almost over after so many years of waiting! I have seen people making comment on the social media networks that Blurry is one to experience live and people were raving about this performance! Ending with the crowd pleasing She Hates Me and it was done! Waaaay too short a set for my liking but other than that it was totally awesome!

Dear Superstar and Verses are two young bands I will most definitely make the effort to go and see again. Both bands are so full of energy and were the perfect openers to compliment Puddle Of Mudd and Soil. Superstar front man, Micky Satiar, is the ultimate showman and fantastic to watch on stage!

Soil kicked ASS at Manchester! I have to admit to not really paying that much attention at the Boro show since they came on AFTER POM but at Manchester I got to see them in full effect and I loved it! The venue is probably the smallest Ive been in and it was dark, scungy and sweaty! Damn was it hot in there! There were some unfortunate technical issues from the get-go but all 4 bands managed to plough through it and Soil totally ruled the place! Ryan McCoombs actually got into the crowd for the whole of their hit Halo and everyone went mental! Im glad I was up on the stairs out of the way of all those bodies flying around though!

There arent many dates left on the tour but if you get the chance I would recommend that you take yourself along to experience these bands live because they all offer something different but all are fantastic in their own way!

Check out – & and buy a CD or some merch form these guys as they work DAMNED hard every night!

Also dont forget to look for Puddle Of Mudd and Soil on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all that is going on with those bands!

Thanks to my two partners in crime for two awesome road trips and some wicked photographs!
And last but not least a HUGE thank you to Paul Phillips for guest listing us and putting up with all my shit on Facebook! Puddle Of Mudd are my absolute favourite band in all the world and I thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity! Another Interview soon? Please?


Check out our Facebook page for more photos which are coming as soon as I recover……

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