Meat Loaf Slams Aussie Football Organisers

Meat Loaf Slams Aussie Football Organisers

Meat Loaf has hit back at those whove criticised his recent performance at the Australian Football Leagues Grand Final.

People whove watched his performancehave been shocked by how off key the singerwas, and mumbling. But Meat Loaf has totally blamed the organisers for this shambles, insisting he had hardly any time for a soundcheck, was refused a live piano and had a backline that wasnt working properly.

Added the man about the AFL: Im sorry, theyre jerks. I do not like them. And Ill tell you what, anybody that I hear announces that theyre going to play for them Im going to write that particular artist a letter and tell them not to. And I hope the AFL hears this and I want this everywhere. Because I will go out of my way to tell any artist: Do not play for them.

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