Soundgarden near completion of new album

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has revealed that the grunge legends have almost completed their first album in 15 years.

In an interview with Billboard, the vocalist reckons that the as-yet-untitled effort will be completed over the next couple of months with producer Adam Kaspar.

“[It’s] mostly done. We just need to finish a couple of songs and mix it, so that will be happening probably over the holidays,” says Cornell. “It sounds to me exactly like it should sound — like we took a break and we got together and we’re making an album. I don’t think we’ve taken any dramatic new approaches to writing or recording. We’ve all had a decade-plus of more experience in writing and recording and took a long break… So it’s very refreshing and it feels to me like the next logical step in Soundgarden, creatively.”

Cornell, meanwhile, will release a live solo album next month. Songbook, which features two new songs – Cleaning My Gun and The Keeper – hits the shops on November 21.

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