BRING ME THE HORIZON Guitarist Fights Audience Member At Helsinki Show

BRING ME THE HORIZON guitarist Jona Weinhofen reportedly got into an altercation with a member of the audience during the band’s November 6 concert in Helsinki, Finland. According to reports in the Finnish media, someone from the crowd was heckling BRING ME THE HORIZON while the British group was performing at club Circus as the main support act for MACHINE HEAD. At some point, the Australian guitarist lost his temper and jumped into the audience to fight the heckler. Weinhofen was followed by singer Oliver “Oli” Sykes, who reportedly used his microphone as a weapon. Within seconds, the club security was able to calm down the situation and the band continued its performance. However, BRING ME THE HORIZON was forced to end its set prematurely after someone pulled the plug from the stage. Jona then went to see a local doctor at Meilahti hospital and had a cast put on his hand. He later tweeted a photo of his injury with the caption, “Broke my hand…bummed!”

The Circus general manager spoke to the Finnish daily newspaper Iltalehti and denied that any such incident ever took place. However, fan-filmed video footage of the concert, which can be seen below, seems to suggest otherwise.

As previously reported, Sykes was reportedly assaulted on stage during the band’s headlining performance on October 3 at In The Venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. The altercation apparantly took place after several concert-goers threw water bottles at Sykes, prompting him to call out the culprits and send the projectiles right back. Several rowdy audience members then rushed the stage in attempt to attack the singer, with a few others starting fights in the crowd. Sykes was apparently unharmed during the incident, with the band returning to the stage a half hour later to finish its set.

Back in 2007, Sykes was accused of urinating on a female fan before throwing a bottle at her, leading to a facial injury. All charges against the vocalist were subsequently dropped on grounds that there was not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

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