“JETTBLACK have taken their influences that lie in eighties and early 90s rock and metal and given them a fresh lease of life. Carefully crafted songs oozing with melody, power and unparalleled catchiness. This is rock and roll that will stand the test of time!!!!!”

I knew nothing about these guys until I saw them support Fozzy and they blew me away! Their energy on stage is phenomenal and their music is a breath of fresh air in the stale world of growling, screaming, melodic-less clones (ya know the ones that ‘Scuzz’ seem to play 24/7 that all sound the same?) Yes I may sound like my Dad moaning about the state of the music of today but PLEASE! If you’re as sick as me as everyone sounding AND LOOKING the bloody same then check these guys out because I can guarentee they’ll have you hooked in approximately 30 seconds! They’re fun and they’re loud and they will restore your faith in music!
And watch out for an interview coming as soon as I iron out my telephonic technical issues (ie my phones F**kd and I need a new one!)

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