Axl Grants Rare TV Interview

Axl Grants Rare TV Interview

That Metal Show kicks off its ninth season on the VH1 Classic channel on Friday with an interview with Axl Rose the GNR mainmans first TV grilling in 20 years.

That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk says:

Axl has new management, and they reached out to VH1 and asked about what sort of things that they might be able to do to get the word out that Axls out on the road and all that.

Originally, I was hearing that it might be some sort of a hotel room interview. And then I was told, Well, what if we just bring all the guys and do a version of [That Metal Show] from a Guns show?

Axl walked into the venue at, like, 8 oclock. He walked on stage at midnight and played until 3am, and he walked in and sat down with us around 5:30am. So it was a long, long day. But obviously youve gotta kind of expect that going in if youre going to try to do something with Axl.

I think people are going to see a side of him they may not have realised existed. Is he a sensitive guy? Absolutely. But he also has a great sense of humour about it, and I didnt get the sense that he was gonna storm off and was on the edge of his seat. He really started to get comfortable and warmed up to hanging out with us.

He loved talking music, he loved talking about this version of the band and how he feels about going forward.

The Axl Rose episode ofThat Metal Show airs November 11 at 11pm (Eastern Time) on VH1 Classic. Check your local listings as timings will vary, depending on your country of residence.

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