Paul Phillips ‘Not On This Tour Run’ with Puddle Of Mudd.

Paul Phillips announced via his Facebook page on Saturday night that he wouldn’t be on the next tour with Puddle Of Mudd.
His first slightly cryptic post stated ‘Well, I just realized that no matter how hard you try, some things just aren’t fixable…to be continued…’ and I managed, after a few back and forth messages to gather what the situation was… much to my sadness.
The next post was the announcement that has had fans rallying around in their hundreds to show their support for the guitarist. The post was as follows:


‘So here it is. The bombshell followed by silence. I will not be touring with Puddle on this upcoming run. I won’t be airing any dirty laundry in public. That’s not who I am. I just want to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years at shows and on my facebook page here. It means alot. I’ve always tried to make myself accessible to you and have always tried to never let you down when I got up on that stage. However, there is nothing I can do.’

I just have to say how much respect and admiration I have gained for this guy over the past few months. Paul has been nothing but supportive of this site, giving us interviews etc that we wouldn’t get from most bands of their calibre. He gave me the opportunity to be up close and personal at the shows and take some fabulous photographs of my favorite band. He’s always had time to answer my questions and has always been upfront and honest with me (and for a music journo that’s a fucking rareity!) And obviously; from the fan response he’s recieved since this announcement, he is like that with every single fan that takes the time to like his facebook page or send him a message.
The online Puddle Of Mudd ‘family’ has really come together over the weekend and we still hope that the situation will be resolved at some point in the future. Paul has told me that he is so very greatful for all the messages and posts of support he’s gotten since Saturday night from all the fans and that it has been ‘uplifting’. One thing we DO Have to hold on to is that he did only say ‘this upcomming run’. I have yet to see Paul say he’s actually LEFT the band! Just sayin’….
We wish Paul all the best in the world and will continue to support him and keep everyone updated of what is going on.
You can leave Paul a message & keep up to date with everything on his Facebook page at:
For what it’s worth, according to fans onTHE ROCK 106.9 WCCC Facebook page, last night’s gig was awful and the band failed to show up for an accousitc session earlier in the day. Things are not looking great for the Mudd right now…

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