COREY TAYLOR Slams SCOTT WEILAND: ‘He’s A Lazy Piece Of S**t

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor has slammed Scott Weiland as a “lazy piece of shit” following the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER frontman’s decision to record and release “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”, an album of holiday standards.

During the spoken-word segment at Corey’s November 28, 2011 “An Evening With Corey Taylor” solo appearance at Radio Radio in Indianapolis, Indiana, the SLIPKNOT vocalist expressed his disdain over the lack of imagination in modern art, particularly a it relates to movie sequels and remakes.

“Tonight’s topic, if you haven’t figured it out, is sloth,” Corey said. “Because these motherfuckers would rather just ‘cha-ching’ than actually use their fucking brains to give us anything good these fucking days.’ He added, “More and more people are only interested in money than fucking doing anything that’s good. I’m not saying everyone, but there’s a lot of fucking people out there who would rather just take your money and leave you with nothing. I’ll give you another example. Does anyone know who Scott Weiland is? Do you know that Scott Weiland has a Christmas album now? [Laughs] Oh, it’s bad. It’s bad. Let me fucking explain to you how bad it is. There is a video online of him singing, and he’s very serious. ‘Cause Christmas is serious. His hair is all slicked back and he’s in his shitty tuxedo. He goes [imitates Weiland’s singing]. So I’m watching this painfully watching this, because hey, know your enemy and I’m just like, ‘Why?’ It’s not that he’s a bad singer, ’cause he’s not. I love STP, I love some of the shit that he did with VELVET REVOLVER. It’s not that he’s a bad fucking singer. He’s a lazy piece of shit, is what he is at this point. ‘I’m gonna get up here…’ [imitates Weiland singing and makes snoring sound]. It’s all these people who would rather cash in on the little fucking notoriety that they have and take your money and give you nothing back. And that, to me, is the real the real sloth in this country. Because I don’t know about you, [but] I work really hard for my money I work very fucking hard for my money and when I actually spend money on something, I expect it not to suck. Is that too much to fucking ask for anymore, man?”

In a recent interview with The Sudbury Star, Weiland stated about his decision to record a Christmas album, “Um, well, why not?” He continued, “Well, you know what, man? People don’t know me. They know what someone’s opinion is. And they know my songs. But they really don’t know me. Christmas, ever since I was a kid, was a big thing. It still is a big thing.”

“My memories of Christmas are very joyful,” he added. “It was a special time. I remember we would wake up in the morning, and my father would put on the record player and play old albums. He would usually start out with orchestral versions of classics and chorals. Listening to those songs is something I always remember.”

Taylor earlier in the year recorded an album’s worth of material with VELVET REVOLVER, which has been more or less on hiatus since its split with Weiland in April 2008.

VELVET guitarist Slash admitted in a recent interview that he was the main reason why Taylor didn’t get the frontman job, explaining, “It just didn’t seem to fit right to me. And he’s great, and I love Corey, but it didn’t seem like the answer to the VELVET REVOLVER problem.”

Taylor told a Canadian radio station after hearing of Slash’s comments, “I guess it just wasn’t working for him, which . . . He’s Slash and he’s entitled to have that, and I’m not gonna argue with him. But it was cool to just be able to get together and jam with those guys and I made some really cool friends.”

Corey Taylor talking about Scott Weiland:

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