NONPOINT Drummer Forms Label Partnership With THC: MUSIC

Drummer Robb Rivera has teamed up with THC:Music to form his own label imprint SSFM (Stand Strong For Music), which will sign and release records through THC:Music/Rocket Science. Rivera is a founding member of hard rock mainstays NONPOINT, who released their latest and sixth studio album, 2010’s “Miracle”, through Rocket Science, debuting at No. 59 on The Billboard 200 chart.

But the connection doesn’t stop there, as THC founder/Rocket Science A&R Thom Hazaert, also served as an early manager to the Floridarockers, and helped to garner them some of their first label interest in the late ’90s while working as an A&R scout for Jive.

“Obviously the ties to Robb and the NONPOINT camp were strong; we’ve always been friends and crossed paths many times over the years. Robb has an amazing eye for business, and an incredible ear for talent, so when we started talking about this, it just made perfect sense,” says Hazaert.

“Many of the most successful up-and-coming bands of the last decade cut their teeth touring with NONPOINT, and both myself and Robb saw that as a great opportunity to form a pipeline to develop some amazing talent together.”

Rivera adds, “Thom and I go way back from NONPOINT’s demo/local days. I saw what he was doing with THC and Rocket Science, and I decided to reach out, and that’s when the idea for the imprint came up.

“Most people that know me know that I have always helped bands by either putting them on shows, posting about their band and this is something I have done since my teens.

“I love promoting and helping bands; I have always said that if I like your band, people will know, and this is just an extension of that.

“I am excited about this new chapter in my life and I will be looking forward to finding the best new bands out there, not only bands with great music, but with the work ethic to match.”

Releases will be distributed in North America though Sony/RED.

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