Quireboys, Newcastle. 01-12-11

The Quireboys

Newcastle Northumbria University SU, December 1 2011

By Sue

With support from ‘Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound’ and ‘Red, White & Blues’ this proved to be a truly awesome gig!
The first band to hit the stage was somewhat unorthodox in appearance and I’m not sure that people really knew what to make of them when they first came on stage. A lot of revelers stayed at the back until Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound drew them in with their mixture of what Classic Rock described at ‘Punk-tinged grunge’! I couldn’t agree more! After a couple of songs they had the audience won over for sure! (Watch this space for a CD review coming soon!)
Second on stage was Red White & Blues. Featuring former members of Skin and Jagged Edge, Mike Gray & Matti Alfonzetti; these guys are a hair band without the hair! A fantastic set that got the crowd totally over and into the mood for The Quireboys. Without a doubt this band is one to watch out for in 2012 and I hope to see them again in the near future!

By the time The Quireboys hit the stage the audience were desperate to see these guys and so was I! Spike oozes all the2SiteQB energy had had 20 some years ago without a doubt whatever he’s doing WORKS! (And I want some…) It was very hard to take decent photos of the dude because he just does not stand still EVER!
The set was jam packed with instantly recognizable classics such as the beautiful rock-ballad ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’, ‘7 O’Clock’ and of course their huge hit ‘Hey You’. ‘Tramps and Thieves’ and ‘There She Goes Again’ sound even better live all of which were welcomed and sung at major high volume by everyone in the building; a true testament to the dedication of Quireboys fans throughout the years that are still coming back to see these guys in 2011. However having said that, the crowd were a vast mix of the ‘slightly-more-mature’ old school rock fan and to my surprise a lot of youngsters in the audience (Yes even some that probably wouldn’t get served at the bar!)
Their sense of humor is ever present throughout the set and we were treated to some hilarious one-liners from Spike. (including how he’d just discovered a new drink called water and he doesn’t like it much!)

These guys are still kicking ass after all these years and the gig was long, entertaining and full of energy (and Spike’s Mam at the back of the room seemed to enjoy it too!)
Always great to see, The Quireboys seem to excel in Spike’s ‘home town’ and I feel it was a privilege to see them in Newcastle at their finest!

There are rumors of a new album in the works, which will be a welcome bonus to all of us fans’ collections; we’re really looking forward to hearing that!
Thanks to Quireboys management, Dave, for allowing us to be there; we had an amazing night and hope we can do it all again next year!
Lots more photos available soon on the Rock Zone UK Facebook page courtesy of myself and RZ photographer, Kim. Hope you enjoy them.

In the mean time check out all of the bands at the usual social network sites and their official sites

Red White & Blues – http://www.theredwhiteandblues.com/

Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound – http://www.myspace.com/gentlemenofdistortedsound

And The Quireboys – http://www.quireboys.com/

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