Metallica: No More Euro Tours After 2012?

Metallica: No More Euro Tours After 2012?

Metallica co-manager Cliff Burnstein says touring Europe may not be a profitable option for his band after next year.

Burnstein, who manages Metallica along with Peter Mensch, told theWall Street Journal:

Over the next few years the dollar will be stronger and the euro weaker. If thats the case I want to take advantageof that by playing more of these shows now, because they will be more profitable for us.

Look, Im not an economist, but I have a degree, so it helps. You have to ask yourself, whats the best time to be doing what, when and where. Prices in Europe are much higher and this isnt a sustainable situation.

Were a US export the same way Coca-Cola is. We look for the best markets to go to right now Indonesia is on my watch list.

Metallica will headline the Download festivalin June 2012, where theyll play the Black Album in its entirety.

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