Holder: Ozzy And I Wore WWII Helmets At Maiden Gig!

Holder: Ozzy And I Wore WWII Helmets At Maiden Gig!

Noddy Holder has revealed that he and Ozzy once went to an Iron Maiden gig wearing tutus and World War II helmets!

Talking to Absolute Radios Geoff Lloyd, the former Slade frontman recalled the madcap incident:

We were going down to see Iron Maiden down at Hammersmith Odeon, as it was in those days. Ozzy decided wed got to get dressed up, so we went up near Marylebone High Street somewhere, there was a sort of antique shop there that used to sell war memorabilia. So we went in and Ozzy got us both a German helmet each, and then there was a fancy dress shop just up the road and he got us ballerina tutu dresses. So I had to tag along with him. Can you imagine us trying to get a cab in the West End?

On a more serious note, Holder explained that, thanks to a Slade fan, a studio version ofHear Me Calling has been included as a bonus track on the reissued version of 1974sSladestalbum.

This guy had found an acetate ofHere Me Calling that we used to open our show with for years. Now its been on live albums in the past but the studio version, had got lost many years ago, the tapes and everything, and he found this acetate. We managed to clean it up and re-master it.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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