Journey Guitarist To Sue Over Nude Photo

Journey Guitarist To Sue Over Nude Photo

A nude photo of Journey guitarist Neal Schon has been leaked on the Internet.

The photo (check it out here) was originally published by a website called The Dirty.

The website claims that Neal sent it via Facebook to a married woman and her husband intercepted it.

However, an unnamed source close to Schon has fiercely denied these allegations, saying:

Neal has received menacing text messages over the past couple weeks from a person he has never met, telling him that he was in possession of Neals stolen phone and threatening to release the photos. Apparently this person decided to carry out his threats.

Neal is taking immediate legal action against all parties involved in this matter.

Schons current squeeze, Michaele Salahi, is reportedly upset about the situation. She left her husband, US reality TV star Tareq Salahi, in September to begin a relationship with Schon.

Tareq commented: He [Schon] should be ashamed to be sending pornographic images of himself to anyone on the Internet.

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