Slayer: No More Big 4 Shows

Slayer: No More Big 4 Shows

Slayer have toldClassic Rock that they doubt there will be any more Big 4 Of Thrash Metal shows.

If you look at how much work went into making it all happen in the first place, then I really doubt we can do the same thing again, says guitarist Kerry King.

You had four headlining bands Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and us touring together and that takes so much organising.

I know there are some parts where theyre angry not to have gotten the chance to see it. The Bay Area will probably never forgive us. And we could go on and on doing it for ages.

But I honestly doubt we can get our schedules to coincide like that again.

Slayer are currently writing songsfor their next album, with the aim being to have it out in the summer.

They also are one of the headline attractions for the All Tomorrows PartiesIll Be Your Mirror event at Londons Alexandra Palace, where theyll play the whole ofReign In Blood. This happens from May 25-27.

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