Lost Lizzy Tapes To Be Released

Lost Lizzy Tapes To Be Released

There will be a new Thin Lizzy box set this year and it will feature never before heard songs.

Apparently, just before he died in 1986, Phil Lynott gave 150 tapes to someone for safekeeping. These have surfaced and been acquired by Universal Music; some of the recordings will be released in the new box set.

Fans can expect to hear outtakes, previously unheard versions of Lizzy songs, plus material the band recorded but never previously available. This covers the period from 1971 to 1981.

The full details of what will be included has yet to be revealed. However, it is being done with the direct involvement of guitarist Scott Gorham and drummer Brian Downey.

Tomorrow (January 4) marks the 26th anniversary of Lynotts death. It will be marked by the annual Vibe For Philo gig at the Button Factory in Dublin.

Find out more atwww.thinlizzyband.com

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