New Model Army Comment On Fire That Destroyed Their Studio

We were gutted to hear that the studio used by veteran alt-rock Englishband New Model Army was savaged by a fire over the Christmas period, and the band have commented further on the resulting damage.

On Christmas Eve, New Model Armys studio was caught in a huge fire, resulting in the studio roof collapsing and much of the bands equipment and instruments being damaged beyond repair. The band have since posted the following statement:

We have lost our entire studio set-up desk, microphones, recording gear etc and many irreplaceable instruments including Michaels Tama and vintage Gretsch kits and Roberts priceless old Slingerland. Gone is Michaels entire snare drum collection, eight guitars including a Les Paul, the Phew that Dean plays live and a vintage Epiphone acoustic, a 1960s C3 Hammond organ, a harmonium, a vintage EDP Wasp synthesiser and a huge number of our most favourite instruments, large and small.

HOWEVER we were lucky that we had just returned from the short run of Christmas shows and that most of our touring equipment was still cased and stacked up. It is amazing what can be pulled out of totally melted flightcases and, with varying degrees of smoke and water damage, we have salvaged Justins Lowden, his favourite SG and Vox AC30 and parts of Michaels touring kit while none of Marshalls guitars or Nelsons touring bass were in the studio at the time of the fire.

We are hoping that our Insurance claim will be relatively straightforward although it is too early to say for sure. Meanwhile, in the true Spirit Of The Mill, an army of volunteers helped us to fill five skips full of charred remains, while work has already begun on fixing the roof.

We would like to thank everyone who has written to us with messages of support and offers to loan gear. We have honestly been amazed and humbled by this response. Our gratitude and respect goes out to all of you. And lastly, but certainly not least, wed like to thank the firefighters who contained the fire and saved the Mill (and even some of our equipment) in difficult and dangerous conditions.

You can see some of the horrendous damage done by the fire in the photos provided by the band below.

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