Rediscovered Radiohead Song Is A Hoax

'Rediscovered' Radiohead Song Is A Hoax

A lost Radiohead songhas turned out to be a hoax.

Just prior to the end of 2011, it was reported that a song had been discovered that was from the Bends era of the band. It was said to be titled eitherPutting Ketchup In The Fridge orHow Do You Sit Still. But now its been revealed as having nothing to do with Radiohead.

Its actually a song calledSit Still, which was recorded Canadian singer-songwriter Christopher Stopa, who is now a baker! He says of the confusion:

Its kinda funny that, out of the blue, after not doing music for a few years, with no band and not having played in about a year and a half, this all of a sudden pops up out of nowhere.

If you fancy hearing the song, here it is.

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