First Sonisphere Headliner Revealed??

Last night Scuzz revealed one of the bands that will be headlining Sonisphere 2012 except we still dont actually know which one it is! Confused?

Last night, Scuzz played a special Sonisphere session, bulldozing through 11 different artists and confirming thatone of them will be a headliner at this years festival!

So, thanks to our powers of deduction (IE watching Scuzz last night), we now know that one of the following bands will be a headliner at Sonisphere 2012

Van Halen
Rage Against The Machine
Foo Fighters
Avenged Sevenfold
Faith No More
Iron Maiden
Blink 182

We probably dont need to tell you which of those were more keen on, but until we hear from Sonisphere themselves, well just have to keep speculating and praying. Hmmm.

You can follow Scuzz onTwitter andFacebook too if you fancy, though if they keep playing with us like this we might have to kick off at them soon.

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