Nitrogods’ explosive self-titled debut album released February 27th on SPV


Visceral new German psychobilly-meets-metal-with-a-heavy-dose-of-the-blues hard driving trio Nitrogods, are, in their own words, ?A No Bullshit Rock ?N? Roll Band?. ?Nitrogods?, the band?s self-titled debut album, set for release on Steamhammer / SPV on February 27th, is nothing other than a fast, furious, loud, aggressive beast of an album, which packs twelve mighty punches of glorious, unrestrained, full-blown dirty, rough edged diamonds of rock anthems.

Nitrogods came together when three renowned musicians, each with 20 year-plus illustrious histories, got together, determined to go back to their musical roots and start a new band focussed on ?simple blues based, hard and dirty Rock ?N? Roll.?

Guitarist Henny Wolter, who founded Thunderhead in 1988, played with Primal Fear and Sinner, plus was part of the Rock Meets Classic Tour band, had already become best mates with (current Freedom Call) drummer Klaus Sperling when they worked together in Primal Fear in the early Noughties. They teamed up with (ex-Fast Eddie Clarke?s Bastards) singer Oimel Larcher, a long term buddy and a bear of a musician, whose voice unmistakeably reflects countless pints of beer and whiskey, and whose thunderous bass playing exudes sheer, naked power. ?I wanted to return to playing the music that I love?, says Henny, ?and that only works if you play it with your best friends.?

Eschewing endless studio takes, sound samples, artificial drum overdubs and computer controlled corrections of suboptimal lead vocals, the trio?s initial recordings so impressed Nazareth?s Dan McCafferty and ex-Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke that they both agreed to guest on two tracks on the album. Dan McCafferty contributes his distinctive vocals on ?Whiskey Wonderland?, while Eddie Clarke?s WahWah solo on ?Wasted In Berlin? is pure classic rock?n?roll perfection.

?Dan was my favourite colleague on the Rock Meets Classic tour,? Wolter explains. ?At some hotel bar, in a very boozed state, I got him to promise that he?d sing on my new band?s debut album. Dan said: ?For you, I?ll even sing for free if I like the material. If I don?t, I won?t sing at all.? Eddie Clarke comments ?I have to say the tracks they sent me sounded great. The band has great spirit and they all play extremely well together, so I was happy to say ?yes? when asked to do a solo on their new album on the track ?Wasted In Berlin??. Among the many other highlights on this honest, riff and groove laden masterpiece of gritty, dynamic, pure rock?n?roll album, mention must be made of glorious, earthy, head-bangers such as ?At Least I?m Drunk?, ?Licence To Play Loud? and ?The Devil Dealt The Deck?.

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