Mallory Knox Newcastle O2 Academy two, 11th January 2012-01-18

386498_10150393005535754_8642320753_8839997_2081912625_nTwo weeks into the month of January is a tough time for people when it comes to money and this was shown tonight. Although the lack of audience did not dishearten any of the bands and they all played fantastic sets!

The opening band Running from Wolves had a tough job with such a small audience although with the energy from an enthusiastic front man and the intelligent mixture of vocals it ended up being an exciting start to a great show! A fairly unknown band which were very promising! Check these guys out at their Facebook page – their official website –

The next support band that arrived on stage was Stars of the Search Party who were technically fantastic though they still had the job of trying to warm the crowd up. They did their best and blasted out some amazing tracks although the crowd just were not reacting. These are very talented guys and will defiantly be ones to watch out for in 2012! Like their Facebook page – Myspace Music

So far the atmosphere in the venue was mediocre although when Verses came on stage you could feel the change in energy. Then as soon as the band started the crowd became increasingly excited, people were dancing and even singing along. They really worked the audience with great banter from Jason and he even managed to get the Geordies onside by sharing the fact he was a Newcastle football fan! Technically they were tight and the songs were nearing perfection, especially stand and stare that closed the set!! Amazing set as usual from Verses, they are going to be huge in the coming year! We have spoken a lot about Verses on this site and expect HUGE things for 2012! (and thanks for the invite to the gig guys!) Check out Verses at all the usual social networking sites, Their official site , and like theirFACEBOOKpage for news and updates!

By this time the crowd were positively pumped for the headline band Mallory Knox and I have to say they did not disappoint! The remarkable presence of front man Mikey Chapman really got the crowd excited and as soon as they kicked off their first song it was obvious how talented these guys really are. The vocal range and ability of Mikey and the talented musicians prove that this band is going to make it big! They ended their set with the most well known song they have done to date Oceans which really topped the night off as the crowd went wild! They sang back every word to the song and Mallory Knox lapped this up. They were very sincere and appreciated all the support given from the crowd. Check these guys out on FACEBOOKfor all updates.

All in all a great gig! Thanks guys!




Mallory Knox


Running From Wolves


Stars Of The Search party

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