A CANCEROUS AFFAIR, the new project featuring ex-DARKEST HOUR members Kris Norris and Ryan Parrish, has announced the addition of keyboardist/vocalist Kristen Randall (ex-WINDS OF PLAGUE) to the group’s ranks. They are currently in the pre-production phase with their new material and are set to release a video with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

According to a press release, A CANCEROUS AFFAIR’s music has been described as “melodic swedish metal with a touch of prog, ambient, and rock. Fans of Kris and Ryan’s work together on ‘Undoing Ruin’ and ‘Deliver Us’ will have a lot of new music to enjoy with some suprises and twists, including the varying vocal talents of Dave Sheldon.”

Norris previously stated about A CANCEROUS AFFAIR, “I love all styles of music from pop and jazz to black metal and with this being a project band with no intentions other than to write music we enjoy, I’m not pigeonholed into oh this song needs a fast riff or a crazy solo. It’s a nice relief from the other projects and bands I’m involved in and have been involved in. I get to take my experiences from all of them and combine it into one.”

Regarding the project’s name, Norris said, “The title comes from Dave. I liked it alot because it fits what we are doing. Just a bunch of musicians from different parts of the world, getting together behind their other various music projects backs almost, and creating something. His voice to me is just infectious, so when he said the name, I was, like, ‘Hmmm, that’s it.'”

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