Kiss The Elder Inspires Movie Maker

Kiss' The Elder Inspires Movie Maker

Theres to be a moviebased on Kiss 1981 concept album (Music From) The Elder.

Its to be made by independent British author and film makerSeb Hunter. Blabbermouth report that he says of his plans:Ive decided to reset it as a kinda post-apocalyptic road movie, but with all the signifies in place and the characters are the same and the general narrative is the same or at least what we know of it. It basically tells the same story and, of course, its an old story with a boy on a quest and the story of good and evil.

Hunter has written to Kiss management outlining the plans, in the hope that they will endorse his project.

Were not asking for money and were not asking for investments. Were potentially reactivating some long-dead part of their catalogue in an incredible new way. Were doing it respectfully and wed love their authorization. Im hoping theyll be able to see the potential in it.

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