Slipknot Members Unveil 15-Minute Film

Slipknot members Corey Taylor and Shawn Clown Crahan recently revealed that theyre starting up their own filmand television production company, and the duo have already released a special 15-minute film giving us a preview of whats in store. Come and watch Thy Shalt I inside

So we already know that Slipknots Corey Taylor and Shawn Clown Crahan wereputting together their own film and television production company, but we didnt expect it to bear fruit as quickly asthis.

The duo unveiled a special 15-minute feature at last weekends Sundance Film Festival, titled Thy Shalt I, although at present its unclear if its to be part of a larger project or just a preview of the kind of stuff we can expect to see once the company gets rolling.

Check it out for yourself below

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