Steel Panther Poster Banned

Steel Panther Poster Banned

Steel Panther are in trouble with the authorities in Britain over an advertising poster for their new album.

The poster shows the cover for theBalls Out album, and after receiving complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority decided to ask for the offending posters to be removed. They say: We considered that the main image on the poster was overtly sexual. We noted that the pose of the woman showed her with her legs apart, her hand between her legs and her breasts partially exposed and considered that her facial expression was suggestive of an orgasm and sexual activity. In addition to this, we considered that the album titleBalls Out was sexually suggestive particularly when viewed in the context of the poster, where the woman was seen dangling two silver balls between her legs in a way that we considered was suggestive of male genitalia.

The bands label, Universal, protested that it was supposed to something of a pisstake and nobody would take it seriously. But clearly one or two people have done just that!

Whatever happened to the good old days when Whitesnake could show a naked woman suggestively riding a snake, and it seen as good, cleanfun?!

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