Raven Vandelle/The Trews HMV Institute, Birmingham. 07-02-12

It was a long journey worth doing from Durham to Birmingham to see The Trews! On arrival we werent sure who the opening act was going to be for this HMV Next Big Thing gig, and there wasnt many people in the venue but thankfully it soon started to fill up and everyone seemed to enjoy the show!

To start with I have to offer my appologies to Exit 10 because after The Trews Im afraid it was more a case of Exit Sue & Kim because we had the big drive home to contend with so we couldnt stay any later! Sorry guys! Hope to catch you somewhere down the road!


Open28-siteing act were Raven Vandelle and wed never heard of them before and didnt know what to expect.. Sometimes things turn out great when youre in that situation and Tuesday night was a belter! Raven Vandelle are actually bloody brilliant! Singer, Dave Taylor, has a huge voice that you just wouldnt expect at all and their original melodic, hard rock songs will get you hooked from the outset! (Their cover of Gnarls Barkleys Crazy was absolutely amazing and I hope they put that on a future CD!) Thank you to Nick for the CD there will be a review coming asap!


The crowd were still a little weird; when The Trews hit the stage everyone hung back away from the barrier for some strange reason (Other than me of course right up there with the camera looking like the lonesome divvy!) They played all the recognisable hits from Hope & Ruin including the title track and my fave, The World I Know, to great ovation from the audience, I just wish they had gotten more into the set; which was also way too short!! ‘Misery Loves Company’ was well recieved and sounded even better live than on the CD! Hopefully we will get a Trews headliner tour over here soon and I will be there for sure!We had a great time despite the freakishly reserved crowd and I would like to thank The Trews for having us and definitely recommend you check out any show you can get to but seriously get into it! They deserve that at least!!


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And please check out very own Facebook page for loads more photos from the gig!


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