5 CD’s I Can’t Live Without – By Toby Jepson

Toby very kindly sat down and told us all about the 5 CD’s he loves the most! Thanks Toby!


1. Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
best Metal album of the period and arguably of ANY period. Greatest Rock vocalist to walk the earth, the greatest metal guitarists finest hour, Incredible songs, achingly emotional, powerful, indispensable…

2. Dio – Holy Diver
Best début album EVER by a Rock artist, Ronnie on fire, stunningly focused songs, amazing recording and a fantastic introduction to a gifted guitarist…utterly brilliant and timeless…

3. Queens of the stone age – Lullabies to paralyse 
I love all the QOTSA records and specifically because Josh is such a visionary, unique talent that never repeats himself…i love the development of LTP, it defines his characteristics for me perfectly; eclectic, dangerously intelligent, incisive and charismatic.

4. Queen – night at the opera
Unbelievable album for my favourite band of all time. Just a perfect record from a band at the top of their game, having fun, experimenting, challenging the preconceptions and creating timeless classics with ease and aplomb. Never too far away for me…

5. Van Halen – 1
Hard to pick a record from VH, but i love the raw début. It’s energetic and awe inspiring. In an instant there was Van Halen and there was everyone else…not many bands can confidently be called ‘game changers’. I listen to this record when i want to be reminded how amazing Rock can really be…freedom music…

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