Marseille Announce 6 Month Hiatus

Classic NWOBHM rock band Marseille have announced that, due to circumstances beyond their control, they are to go on a 6 month hiatus. The band, whose current line-up include founders Neil Buchanon (he of the red sweatshirt on “Art Attack”) and Andy Charters, got back together in 2008 and released the ForePlay EP in 2009 and their first full length album in 25 years, “Unfinished Business”, in 2010.

The years since the reformation have seen Marseille tour extensively, in spite of the fact that the band live in various parts of the UK and Andy Charters lives in the USA, and they recently filmed a gig in Wakefield for release as a DVD.

A statement from the band reads, released 15th February 2011:

“Due to domestic circumstances beyond our control, the band are now taking six months off and will make a further announcement later in the year but we sadly must cancel ALL our existing engagements from now until August 2012. We ARE still, however, making our scheduled appearance at The Cambridge Rock Festival on Saturday 4th August.

We are really sorry about this but a set of circumstances have now arose that makes it impossible for the members of Marseille to get together as a band unit until after the summer, as you may know we have one member in the USA and the rest of us scattered all over the UK.

Thank you for your continued support

Neil, Andy, Nige, Ace & Rob”


All of us at Rock Zone UK look forward to the return of Marseille after the summer.

By David Wilson



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