Conan // New album details // European Tour // Roadburn Festival

Conan hail from the grim North West of England. Three men bear the wretched burden of this abyssal, droning, charging heaviness. Through yawning chasms and bleak devastated battlefields they deliver riffs and tone so grim and so thick that the Gods turn away, to avoid suffocating under the band’s unearthly delivery.

They have committed their filthy, ocean-sized sound to wax (and the slightly less cvlt compact disc) twice thus far- with more fetid output always on the horizon. First came the hulking mass of debut album Horseback Battle Hammer (Throne, Aurora Borealis), followed by a split with like-minded sludge-lords, Slomatics (Head of Crom, Burning World).

Towards the end of 2011 Conan descended upon a capacity crowd at Damnation Festival beckoning a huge tide of sludge to tsunami-like stature before crushing all present.

Finally in December they headed to the remote wilderness of Foel Studio, Wales and into the capable hands of producer Chris Fielding for this, their new album Monnos set for release on the influential label Burning World Records in April.

The vinyl version of Monnos will be presented at the prestigious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland where Conan will perform as part of their European tour which also includes a slot with stoner rock gods Sleep, in Oslo.

Track list is as follows…. 1: Hawk As Weapon. 2: Battle In The Swamp. 3: Grim Tormentor. 4: Golden Axe 5: Headless Hunter. 6: Invincible Throne.

Upcoming live dates:

13th April – Roadburn Festival – 013 Venue, Tilberg

14th April – Wurzburg, Catadooms

17th April – Leiden, Sub071 Venue

18th April – Utrecht, DB’s

19th April – Bielefeld, AJZ venue

20th April – Hamburg , Astra Stuve Waagenbau

21st April – Copenhagen, Beta3000

22nd April – Gothenburg, Truckstopalaska

5th May – Betong, Oslo w/ Sleep

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