Blue Cheer Return

It appears that rumours of Blue Cheer’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Because the band are planning a return to action with several releases in the pipeline.

The hugely influential proto-metallers were thought to be over following the death in 2009 of bassist/vocalist and driving force Dickie Peterson. But now guitarist Tony Ranier, who was in the band from 1977 to 1988, has revived the Blue Cheer name. Alongside him in the new line-up is bassist/vocalist Luke Ayoso, with an as yet unnamed drummer.

There are to be several albums released by SrhoomAngel Records showcasing the original Ranier period of the band. One will feature previously unreleased studio recordings, while another will be a live record from the 1984/5 tour. A new album is being planned for later in the year.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Cheer Return

  1. At this point Blue Cheer i.e. (Dickies) managers Andrew Duck MacDonald and Ron Rainey are negotiating with Shroom Angel Records to make sure to quote Dickie on the 2007 release of What Doesn’t Kill You… gets his “piece of the Pie”.
    “We welcome the release of this material for the continuation of Dickies artistic legacy as long as Dickies estate gets compensated for his performances ,and the use of the name. as far as a band touring under the name Blue Cheer to be quite honest we don’t take it too seriously.”

  2. ShroomAngel Records, the Dickie Peterson Estate, and Producer Eric Albronda along with Engineer Jim Keylor have all signed and agreed to terms for the release of the 1979 BSU/Army Street Studios recordings. Final mastering of the tracks has completed, and the LP is currently at press. Blue Cheer fans will welcome this album with open arms because it is the final word on the matter, with stellar sound quality and premium packaging (will be in a deluxe gatefold cover and custom multi color 150 gram vinyl). Thanks especially to all the people who helped make this happen, including Duck, who has been very supportive and who understands Blue Cheer history from a perspective only few people could.

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