Journey Sued Over Neal Schon’s New Girlfriend

Journey are caught up in massive lawsuit – and all because a reality TV star has left her husband for Neal Schon, the band’s guitarist.

Michaele Salahi, who starred in Real Housewives Of DC, walked out on husband Tareq last September so that she could be with Schon.

Now the apparently furious hubbie has launched a whopping $50 million lawsuit.

He claims to have been ‘physically, emotionally and financially ruined’ by this action. Not only has he named his estranged wife in the suit, but also the band.

He further insists that this much-publicised split has actually benefitted Journey’s career:

“Journey was currently touring the country and the concerts were not selling out,” the complaint states. “Having been involved in the reality television business for several years, the defendants knew that a public affair would generate interest in both of them and immediate income for Neal Schon and Journey.”

Just for your information, the Salahis shot to fame in 2009 when they gatecrased a state dinner at the White House.

Is it April 1 already?

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