HYDROGYN: ‘Private Sessions’ To Be Released In April

“Private Sessions”, the fourth album from Kentucky rockers HYDROGYN, will be released in Europe on April 20 through Music Buy Mail. The CD will be made available in the U.S. on April 17. 13 songs were recorded for the CD at guitarist Jeff Westlake’s Ridgeline Studio in Ashland, Kentucky and Patrick Liotard’s Peek Studio in Boisseron, France.

The U.S. version of “Private Sessions” will feature the following track listing:

01. Something To Say
02. Forbidden Kind
03. Scream
04. I Don’t Know
05. Heated Nights
06. Creeper
07. Don’tcha Walk Away
08. Roseline’s Song
09. Feeling
10. Un Monde Perdu
11. It Doesn’t Matter

Several audio samples can be streamed using the ReverbNation TuneWidget below (click on “Songs” tab)

After months of uncertainty surrounding the band because of singer Julie Westlake’s health, the green light was given to Julie and the rest of the band last year to proceed ahead with the new album recordings.

Commented Julie: “This is the quickest we have ever completed a project to date.

“We decided in June that we were going to do another CD after I got clearance from my doctors to get back to work and by August we were in the studio.”

For “Private Sessions”, things changed up a bit as far as production. For the past two albums, Jeff Westlake handled the production, engineering, mixing, etc., to go along with the writing and song prep. Jeff said he wanted a chance to just worry about the songs on this release with limited production going on from his end. Enter the team of Anthony Dura and Patrick Liotard (who co-wrote the song “Alone” on HYDROGYN’s last album, “Judgement”). Anthony and Patrick stepped in and teamed up with Julie and Jeff for this project, not only from a production standpoint but also in the creation of the project itself.

“I love these guys and what they bring to the table,” said Julie. “To be able to turn to them and have a new team in the mix for the entire process with fresh ideas and a great perspective as well is just priceless. We were all introduced by our French team at Musiconlights (Mike Jublin) back in 2007 and as time has gone on, we have gotten to know each other. The working part of the relationship is just a natural progression for us all and takes some pressure off Jeff for a change.”

A HYDROGYN live CD and a digital-only best-of release called “Phase 1” are also in the works.


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