Gallus Cooper – The Ultimate Tribute?

Now, I’ll be honest. I do spend a great deal of time at my local venue watching tribute acts. There are a number of reasons for this – the cost of going to see the original artists, the fact that some of the “real”  people have ceased to be and, oh yes, the chances of seeing Bon Jovi or Green Day playing in a village in Lancashire is non-existant! Some of the tributes are very, very good and others? Not so much! The people of Bolton, however, are lucky to have a venue like The Railwaywho always strive to make sure that they get the best on the scene and try not to over egg the pudding when it comes to certain bands.

I have to say that the other week I had the immense pleasure of witnessing the arrival of Gallus Cooper. Advertised as Europe’s number 1 Alice Cooper tribute, I was hoping that they would live up to their billing. The crowd were not to be disappointed.

UK-based Alice Cooper tribute band Gallus Cooper, formed in 2007,  have build a solid reputation throughout Britain for their accurate renditions of many of Alice Cooper, Alice Cooper Band and shock rock’s best songs.  As their reputation has spread they have been playing throughout the UK on a regular basis.

Bringing with them dancers, an electric chair, an extremely tight band and the real Alice’s UK snake – Gallus Cooper really did pull out all the stops when it comes to a tribute show. With songs covering Alice’s entire history there can not have been anyone present who didn’t find some songs they knew (from likes of the more recent “Poison” through to some that were less obvious like “Department of Youth”).

A fantastic set, brilliant performances and lots of fun was had by all. The Bolton crowd clearly will be very excited in the build up to the return of Gallus Cooper to Bolton – next time it will be Halloween. How appropriate.

The ultimate tribute? That’s for you to decide. However, having seen the real Alice I have to say that this was the closest to the real thing I can imagine.

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Review by David Wilson

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