German Art Rockers Frames’ second album ‘In Via’ released April 23rd on SPV

Incredibly, Jonas Meyer (guitars) Manuel Schonfeld (keyboards) Julian Hoffman (bass) and Kiryll Kulakowski (drums) have only been together since 2007. I say incredibly, because the music on ‘Mosaik’ is so smooth, so fluid and perfectly formed that it sounds as if the musicians have been working together for a lifetime. You could lose yourself for a lifetime in the eleven pieces that make up ‘Mosaik’ as well. Sometimes grand, sometimes gentle; frequently beautiful and always entrancing – words are wholly unnecessary as the band spin emotion filled stories with their notes alone. For the times of reflection between the riffs and roars ‘Mosaik’ is haunting perfection. Frames can take you to musical places that you’ll never want to leave and show you sights that become more captivating every time you visit their world. 9/10.” (Chris Kee, Powerplay, May 2010.)

“Meyer is talented and the band is great – ‘The Beginning’ is richly anthemic, ‘ISP’ builds in intensity to enthralling effect and ‘Driving Head’ sounds like a single, minus the sing.” – Grant Moon, reviewing ‘Mosaik’ in Classic Rock Presents Prog, July 2010.

“This completely instrumental album is as stunning as it is unique. It’s also the best album I’ve heard all year” – Shaun Conners, reviewing ‘Mosaik’ in Trucking Magazine June 2010

Celebrated German Art Rock newcomers Frames have confirmed the release of their superlative, subtly irresistible and totally inspired second album, ‘In Via’, on April 23rd on Steamhammer / SPV.

‘In Via’, the developmental follow-up to 2010’s hugely acclaimed debut album, ‘Mosaik’, sees Frames reaching even further into new musical boundaries, pushing their unique instrumental musical envelope to the limit. Huge, swooping guitar riffs turn into romantic melodies, driving drums travel through dark mists to find a ray of sunshine, and soft piano sequences dance up an ever building foundation until they form a perfect storm. Chapter for chapter, song for song, strings of emotion form a network to become personal stories, either real or fictional, where listeners can form an individual soundtrack for their own mental picture. The band’s only goal is – to ‘Give It A Frame’.

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