Special Ronnie Montrose Concert Announced

A Ronnie Montrose tribute show happens next month in San Francisco.

It takes place on Friday, April 27 at The Regency Ballroom, when Montrose and Gamma will be playing live to pay their respects to the life and music of guitarist who founded both bands and died a few weeks ago.

Montrose will feature Sammy Hagar, Denny Carmassi and Bill Church (all of whom were in the band when they recorded their iconic self-titled debut album), plus a guest appearance from Joe Satriani.

Gamma are to include Davey Pattison, Denny Carmassi, Glenn Lesch, Tommy Suczek and Marc Bonilla.

In addition, there will be a performance from the Ronnie Montrose All-Star Band, whose line-up will include:

Jimmy Degrasso

Eric Martin

Ricky Phillips

Neal Schon

Eric Singer

Steve Smith

Tommy Thayer

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