Europe: We’ve Considered Not Playing Final Countdown!

Europe frontman Joey Tempest has admitted the band have thought about dropping all of their older material from their live set, to concentrate solely on songs from the last four studio albums since their reunion in 2003.

“We have seriously talked about it,” Tempest told Classic Rock, “and yes, it would include leaving out The Final Countdown. But right now, we don’t feel it’s the right thing to do. Fans come along to shows expecting to hear certain old favourites, and they wouldn’t be happy if we did this. But it is something we could certainly do in the future.”

The band release new album Bag Of Bones on April 30, and they play at the Download Festival on Friday, June 8.

“We go on early on the second stage, but that’s OK. For us, it’s a dream come true, because one of our dreams has always been to play at Donington.”

This is followed by a full tour in November, with the possibility of more British dates in 2013.

“Our tour is now being extended into next year, so we might well return either to play at a festival, or do more of our own shows. And then we have to think about our 10th album, which we’ll record in 2014. That’s gonna be a landmark for us.”

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