VINCE NEIL Discusses Incident Which Led To Palms Ban

MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil spoke to the Las Vegas Sun about his decision not to visit the Palms in Las Vegas again after he got into a Twitter war of words with the hotel-casino because he was told that booths at Palms’ Little Buddha restaurant were for parties of four — and he was only three. “They were empty anyway,” Neil told Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun. “I offered to buy a magnum of champagne, which cost more than what a fourth guest would eat, but the manager refused. We ate at the bar, paid the bill and then while playing at the Mint Lounge were told by security to leave. None of it made sense. Thus, my tweets and then all the other tweets from former Palms employees and customers in support of me.”

In its Twitter response to Vince’s original comments, Palms insisted that Neil’s “inappropriate behavior” led to him being “asked to leave” the Little Budha, adding that “we cannot and will not allow our guests, no matter who they are, to mistreat our team members.”

After reading Palms’ statement, Neil remained defiant, writing, “It’s funny how I’m BANNED from the @palms AFTER I said I don’t want to go there anymore!! They are TWISTING the story around to make themselves look better! This is about executives @palms covering up for each other! Nothing more!”


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