Drew Stevyns Live 7/4/12

Photo Credit: Paven Sharma


Artist: Drew Stevyns
Date: 7th April 2012
Venue: My Living Room! (Well… almost!)

Last night I had my first experience of attending an online gig… and I have to say I liked it! Aside from the time difference, meaning I had to stay up until WAY past 2am this morning, it was fantastic! The video feed wasn’t very good (but that could be the speed of my crappy internet) but audio was perfect and the artist was one of my personal favorites so how could I go wrong!

We do have a Facebook group ‘Let’s Get Drew Stevyns To The UK For A Tour’ but until we DO this was an amazing opportunity to see what Drew can do live, and he didn’t disappoint! The whole ‘Stageit’ thing was a little strange at first since I hadn’t ever dealt with it before last night. The fee to get the feed was ‘Pay What You Can Afford’ and for 50 ‘stageit notes’ it cost $5 which is a little over £3 but you didn’t even have to pay the entire 50 notes to the artist to attend the gig (I did, and it was worth ten times that but I just couldn’t afford it!) and throughout the performance people were tipping all the time! (Because it was so fantastic!!!!)

There is a chat feed at the side of the main screen which was a lot of fun, chatting to fellow fans before and during the gig and also Drew’s ‘assistant’ for the night was in there so we could interact with Drew and send requests and ask questions etc.

The ‘gig’ consisted of Drew, a mic, a guitar and a lot of WOW! This guy is so so talented I cannot stress how big of a fan I am and I don’t understand why he isn’t already selling out arenas! (One day!) Singing lots of requests from fans, and even one from little old me, Drew went through a lot of his own songs, Overboard, Cold, Evening Sky, Far Away, to name but a few, and also songs from Johnny Cash and others and ended with his awesome version of Careless Whisper (which cut out because the time was up).

After seeing that I cannot WAIT to actually attend a live gig of Drew’s. For guys like him maybe Stageit is the way forward, personally I’d rather be there in the crowd rocking out, but because that’s not possible in Drew’s case (Need to win the lotto and get to America first!) this was the next best thing. I don’t think it will ever replace the experience you have when actually seeing a live band. At least I hope to God it doesn’t, but it is a great way for fans to see these guys when getting to gigs is impossible. I hope next time the video feed isn’t so jumpy – I’m definitely going to attend some more stageit gigs so if the problem is down to my internet then.. I’m moving!!

Thank you Drew for an amazing gig, needs to be way longer next time (And perhaps a little earlier in the day? LOL)



Check Drew out on Facebook, Youtube and don’t forget to join our very own page (The more fans we get, the more interest we generate – who knows… one day it could be fan-power that gets Drew Stevyns to the UK!)

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