Velvet Revolver Man Starts Animated Band

Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner has started a new ‘animated’ band called PusherJones.

Also involved are The Simpsons creative director Dave Warren, vocalist Frankie Perez, bassist Scott Shriner and drummer Joey Castillo. The band’s first single, Count Me Out, is released in May 1. This is also on the soundtrack album for the movie Avengers Assemble.

Describing the PusherJones sound to Rolling Stone, Kushner says:

“We’re all influenced by everything from Zeppelin and Sabbath to newer bands. A lot of it has been based on different stuff that has happened to me or stuff I’ve heard being in Velvet Revolver for eight years. It’s basically about a big, notorious rock band, and there’s a new guy that’s coming into the band. You’re basically seeing all of the dysfunction and insanity, and the things that make for great rock bands through the eyes of the new guy.”

Right now, the pilot for a TV series (which Kushner says will be Guns N’ Roses meet The Gorillaz) and an EP are being worked on.

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