Rock-N-Roll Allstars Videos Released

The Rock-N-Roll Allstars feature, among others, Gene Simmons, Sebastian Bach, Joe Elliott and three former members of Guns N’ Roses.

Kiss bassist/vocalist Simmons says of the act: “This is going to be a great time, a time for us to pay tribute to the fans. It is an important honour to step on sacred holy ground with a project like this. It harkens back to the old days of rock and roll, the ‘Legends Of Rock’ when Chuck Berry, Little Richard, all of them got together to put on the best show possible. We’re trying to follow a great trend in rock and roll, and we’re going to have a great time.”

But ambitious projects like this one can sometimes fall short of expectations… so with so much variety, and so many egos on stage, can the Allstars hold it together?

High-quality clips of the 11-piece band’s show in Beunos Aires, Argentina, have appeared online, with various forms of the band performing Welcome To The Jungle, Youth Gone Wild, Rebel Yell, Tie Your Mother Down, Pour Some Sugar On Me, I Love It Loud and Rock And Roll All Nite. If you need any further introduction to those tracks you’re just starting to embarrass everyone else.

Take a look, take a listen, and see what you think…

The Rock-N-Roll Allstars are also participating in a Live Web Video Q&A in Argentina tonight (April 23). This is being run by Ortsbo (, which enables real-time conversational translation for more than 50 languages.

Fans can register for the chat in advance or join live to submit their questions. Full details are here:

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