Ted Nugent Guilty Of Illegal Hunting

Motormouth Ted admits 2009 shooting, killing and transporting in violation of regional law as US Army drops him from troop concert following his Obama comments.
Ted Nugent has admitted illegally shooting, killing and transporting a bear during a hunt in Alaska in 2009.

The outspoken axeman has paid a $10,000 fine for the offences committed while he filmed for his Outdoor Channel TV show. He was in violation of state law because he’d already killed a bear and hunters are restricted to destroying one animal per season.

Nugent will not be allowed to hunt or fish in Alaska or any US Forest Service properties for 12 months, and will record a public information film to be shown every second episode on his show.

Two years ago he paid a $1,750 fine for illegal deer baiting.

Meanwhile, the US Army has confirmed they dropped Nugent from a concert at Fort Knox, Kentucky, following his comments about US President Barrack Obama.

He was visited by Secret Service officials last week after he told a National Rifle Association convention that he’d be “either dead or in jail” if Obama wins re-election in November, adding: “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off.”

Fort Knox Officials said: “After learning of Ted Nugent’s recent comments about the president of the United States, installation leadership decided to cancel his performance.”

The date is part of the Midwest Rock’N’Roll Express tour the Nuge is undertaking with REO Speedwagon and Styx. The latter two bands will still appear on June 23.

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