Fans Fall For David Bowie Book Fake

Blogger who leaked preview holds hands up after he and leading media outlets are fooled into thinking it was real thing.

A blogger who posted a preview of what he thought was a David Bowie book project has held his hands up after realising it was fake.

Bowie fans and leading media outlets got excited when excerpts from the long-awaited work Object were posted online. It’s believed to include 100 photographs of items related to the Thin White Duke, along with explanations from the star about what they mean to him. It’s thought to have been completed in 2010 but has yet to be published.

On Wednesday a Blogger tagged Bowiemyths posted what seemed to be seven chapters, with photos of a Minimoog synth, a magazine cover, a pair of scissors, Ziggy Stardust boots, a hair dryer, an eye patch and garden gnomes.

But while some readers congratulated him on the scoop, others became suspicious that the photos were easily available across the internet.

Now Bowiemyths, who describes himself as the musician’s florist, admits: “I think it’s clear now that I was duped, so I’m just going to scrape the egg off my face and carry on with the site once the dust has settled.

“But you must realise the source of the material, the person from whom it was obtained, was extremely plausible.

“The factual detail seemed correct, the written ‘voice’ was persuasively Bowiesque and the provenance was impeccable.

“And let’s not forget it was not only me who was taken in. Over the last 48 hours articles about this post have appeared all over the internet.

“It’s very easy to be wise after the event, but to show I don’t take myself too seriously I have decided to leave the post intact, partly for its curiosity value and partly as an odd little memento of a very bizarre couple of days.”

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