Huff Wants Quiet Riot Respect

Sacked Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff insists he deserves more respect than the band showed by sacking him while he was fighting for his life.

He was diagnosed with a brain disorder after collapsing in January, four months after he’d signed up to front the band following the 2007 death of original singer Kevin DuBrow.

By the time Huff left hospital two weeks later, he’d been dismissed – but he only found out through online news reports.

In a statement that caused controversy among fans, drummer Frankie Banali said: “Mr Huff’s medical condition had nothing to do with the decision that was made, though it’s unfortunate that it comes at such a time. A certified letter was sent informing Mark of the decision and why it was made. Unless he decides to make the reason public, which I believe would be counterproductive for him, I will not go tit-for-tat. If certain persons wish to villainies me that is their prerogative.”

Now Huff tells Sleaze Roxx: “I had been signed on for the year. I had dates, I had flight itineraries and I was ready to go. This came out of nowhere. I understand people need to get back to work but I’m not happy at how they went about it.

“I’m an honest, hard-working person and a skilled musician. I deserve respect – that’s the bottom line.”

Huff recounts how he woke up in hospital on January 1 to be told he required brain surgery. He says he informed the band, but “in the coming days no one from Quiet Riot came down to see me. I had to find out through the internet I’d been fired.”

He accepts no one could have predicted how his recuperation could have gone, but believes he’d have been fully able to carry out his frontman duties. “My hair is a little shorter, my memory is back and I can sing anything I was able to sing before this all happened.

“It’s very unfortunate Quiet Riot didn’t wait to see how things turned out before firing me. Sure, my feelings were hurt, but I’m moving past that. It would be fake and untruthful to wish them well – I just don’t care any more. I don’t wish them anything.”

Huff maintains he’s still in the dark about the real reason he was fired. “I still remember the call I got to audition. I couldn’t believe it. I just wanted to be the best singer they could have. I was treated well – I thought that was singer, but I guess in the end it’s all about their wallets.”

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