Bon Scott was late for AC/DC’s first big gig

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans says one of his lasting memories of Bon Scott is his late arrival for one of their breakthrough concerts.

Evans was with the Aussie giants through their pub-rock era and appeared on their first four albums.

And he says it was impossible to stay angry with the Scottish singer, who died in 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson.

Evans tells Bass Musician: “I distinctly recall the first time we were headlining in London, at the Hammersmith Odeon. That is a great venue, a great indicator that you’re on your way. It’s a serious gig.

“We were getting ready to go on – and Bon wasn’t there. Earlier in the day he had decided to take the subway to the gig. Bon being Bon, he had a few drinks beforehand so he was feeling a bit relaxed. Needless to say he got on the right train going the wrong way.

“He ended up not showing up until 15 minutes after we were supposed to be on stage. Normally in that situation you’re kind of like, ‘What the fuck!’ But as an indicator of what kind of a guy he was, he said in his own cordial way: ‘I’m sorry guys. Let’s go out there and play!’

“We weren’t angry. We knew he would never do anything like that on purpose and that he was such a warm soul. You couldn’t get mad at him for more than a couple of minutes. He was a really, really great guy.”

Evans last year published a book about his experiences inside and outside AC/DC. But he insists writing a tell-all expose was never on the cards. He tells Free Gotham: “It’s not a band that you would be in and do that, you know? I really cherish my memories from my time with the band. We really were a great band. We worked hard, we played hard. There was nothing to stop us.

“I would have loved to continue on with the band, but that’s just the way life is.”

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